What’s Open?

Good morning all! Father, thank You Lord for another day and for the glory that will be revealed this morning. We know that You alone are the only One that can truly open or close this world, You alone can silence all the critics and produce the angelic sounds of heaven, Amen. Have you noticed…

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Don't Look Blog Head Image

Don’t Look

Good morning all! Father, we know in this world we will have tribulation, but we will be of good cheer because Your Son has overcome all things. Let faith arise in us O Lord, let us see past this trial and find Your glory in day, Amen. Have you ever had someone tell you that?…

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Mobving forward blog head

Moving Forward

Good morning all! Father, our pray is for us to keep our lives focused on You only and when we hear and see things that may cause us any alarm may it bring us closer to you. Help us grow stronger in faith and move us closer and closer to heaven, Amen. Have you ever…

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Good morning all! Father, we pray the only expectation we have come from You. We know Your son came to serve and not be served, give us the strength and the confidence to serve just like Him, Amen. We all wake up with certain expectations in the day, starting with your special cup of coffee…

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