Pslams 8:3-4

Does God Think About You?

Good morning all! Father, help us to see and understand that we truly are Your children. Touch our hearts today and help us to see just how precious we are to You, and nothing in heaven or earth could ever change that truth, Amen. Have you ever thought about that in the course of your…

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1 Timothy 6:12

What’s the Right Fight?

Good morning all! Father, thank You for leaving the ninety nine to come after me. Thank You for creating me, loving me, believing in me and fighting for me. Lord, fill my heart with the same passion and conviction for You as You have shown for us, Amen. How bout that question? Do you fight?…

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What’s Equal?

Good morning all! Father, we know that You are the Great Equalizer of mankind, You can only do what is just and right. Help us Lord to see this life through Your eyes, to have eyes of faith and live by Your word. Thank You Lord for protecting, providing and guiding us all as though…

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Can You Imagine?

Father, what a wonderful day to know Your love for us is the only motivation You have to guide us through this life. We will never fully understand the depths and lengths of Your love for they are eternal Lord. Help us Lord the imagine how wonderful Your works are and how incredible is the…

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