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Promise or Problem?

Good morning all! Father, we pray that You would enlighten our eyes to see the promises that You’ve placed in our life. Help us to speak only of Your faithfulness and love, teach us to truly know Your word and the life it gives, Amen. If you’re at a stop sign can look both right…

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Psalms 25:4

Is God Right?

Good morning all! Father, while we may struggle with the things we face, help us to remember your wisdom and mercy is always right. And if we find ourselves in question of all that is right in Your eyes, give us the strength and the faith to trust Your love for us is always right,…

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What is God’s Desire?

Good morning all! Father, we know that whatever You desire will be established by Your word. We know that Your desires are righteous and pure, they are the only thing that is perfect and true and they are without reproach. Thank You Lord for sharing Your desires with Your children that we might be the…

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