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What’s Better?

Good morning, all! Father, we know all that You do and declare is better than anything we can imagine on our own. We trust You to show us what is better and more importantly how to become better in Your eyes, better in Your kingdom and give better than we have ever dreamed, Amen. Boy…

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Help Wanted

Good morning, all! Father, we know that You make and fashion all of mankind and there is no thought that passes through our mind that You haven’t seen. Help us Lord, help us to live this life by Your design and Your purpose so that we would become true sons and daughters of God Almighty,…

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Rise and Shine

Good morning, all. Father, we know that every day is created by You and for You, they are all carefully designed by Your hand, and none are wasted. We pray Lord that we would see Your grace in each day, each moment and always find Your purpose so that we would know Your will, Amen.…

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What Is Life?

Good morning, all! Father, we know there is no life apart from You and all that we are is designed by You. Lord, open eyes to Your truth and open our hearts to Your word. We know Your son came so we could have life more abundantly and not less, Amen. Some may view this…

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