Where’s The Help?

Good morning all! Father, I pray we start living by the promise of Your word and that nothing will distract us from Your truth. We know that You alone can save, we don’t have the power or understanding without the power of Your spirit. Our prayer today Lord is that our help cometh from the…

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What Fear?

Good morning all! Father, thank You for watching over us just like a shepherd with His flock. We know that Your protection and Your provision holds NO fear, let us walk in the knowledge of that truth and know that You alone hold all the power and glory, Amen. What do you worry about? What…

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How Long?

Good morning all! Father, we know that Your wisdom is eternal and can never change, Your throne is forever established in the heavens and holds all the power. We pray that You make Yourself known to Your children, let us experience the depths of Your love and the height of Your glory and the length…

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