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Is There A Way?

Good morning all! Father, there truly is only one way according to Your word, help us to have the grace in which to live in Your way. And should we forget or lose sight of that, reveal your truth in our life so of Your goodness and mercy, Amen. Have you ever spoken or thought…

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Have You Noticed?

Good morning all! Father, we know that You are changing the way we look at life so that we will only see Your goodness and mercy. Help us Lord to notice the things You want us to see and close off anything that doesn’t bring glory to Your name, Amen. If you’re like me, recently…

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What’s Open?

Good morning all! Father, thank You Lord for another day and for the glory that will be revealed this morning. We know that You alone are the only One that can truly open or close this world, You alone can silence all the critics and produce the angelic sounds of heaven, Amen. Have you noticed…

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