Do You Feel Like It?

Good morning all! Father, Your truth is the only thing that will NEVER fail us, it is the foundation for all that right and holy in our life. Lord, I pray that Your word continue to change us and transform us into the perfect image of Your Son. We pray that our desires are Your…

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Is It That Simple?

Good morning all! Father, we know that Your love for us has no limits and it’s not hard to understand by the simplicity of Your word. We pray Lord that You would continue to reveal Your truth, Your promises and Your love. We pray all would know the simplicity of Your truth which can only…

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Can you dance?

Good morning all! Father, thank You Lord for making a way and giving us the roadmap to the place You call home. I pray we will follow that road, that we stay on the path You’ve chosen for us and return to the only place that holds no fear, no pain and no sorrow. Thank…

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