What’s Next?

Good morning all! Father, while we look to You for all we face and all we experience, we know that You are always at work in our life. Help us to see the power of Your hand and the wonder of Your grace, Your word declares that You will withhold no good thing from them…

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Got Hope?

Good morning all! Father, I pray whatever season of life we find ourselves right now I ask that we would find hope in You. That You would cause us to look up and see a bright future full dreams and desires, new dreams that we might not have dared to hope for before. I pray…

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Can you feel Him?

Good morning all! Father, I pray this morning that all those in search of You would FEEL your presence in their life. That they would get to experience You in a whole new way, in a way that can’t even be expressed by words. I pray that they know the power of Your word, the…

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Matthew (6:22)

Anything to add?

Good morning all! Father, we know that You alone are the Creator of the universe and all it holds. You are the perfect Maker of all of us, we have all been made in Your image and likeness which can be nothing short of perfection. Thank you Lord for the life You breathed into us,…

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