What is Your Song?

Good morning all! Father, we pray the world would hear our song this morning because we have good reason to sing. It’s YOU, we sing because we know You love us, protect us, provide for us. We pray our life be represented by a song that it worthy of Your praise and Your love, Amen.…

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Have You Seen Him?

Good morning all! Father, we know that You alone are the Maker of all things seen and unseen. Lord, we pray that today we would see the glory of Your work, the mystery of Your Mind and the beauty of Your face. Open the skies, remove the clouds and let Your Sun shine and make…

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What Did We Learn?

Good morning all! Father, I pray that we learn more and more of Your love and mercy. Let us grow through the experiences of life so that we might represent Your kingdom and Your precepts. Use us Lord to be Your conduit on earth so others might know the power of Your love and the…

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