1 Cor 9:24-27

Will you run?

Good morning all! Father, we know that You are the architect of this race in life. We know it is not given to the swift, not given to the faint but only those that will get up each day and run it with endurance. Lord, keep us, guide us and give us the strength today…

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Are You Grounded?

Good morning all! Father, I pray that this week as we celebrate Your risen Son that the world would experience the true depth of Your love. A love that we really can’t put into words, but by Your spirit we can know it’s real, feel it’s presence and hold onto it with blessed assurance. Thank…

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Soldier In Christ

Good Soldier?

Good morning all! Father, we pray that You give us the strength to live this life as a faithful witness of Your word. We know that You alone provide us with the strength to live this life through all the ups and downs we face. And through it all Lord, help us to remain true…

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new Image Ministries What is Evil

What Is Evil?

Good morning all! Father, we know that You are a holy God, One that is righteous and true. Thank you Lord for showing us who we are by the power of Your word, that You alone are the Maker of all things. We know that You are our shield and protection, our shelter in the…

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