What to Give?

Good morning all! Father, we are truly grateful for the season that you have given us this day. I pray you would open our eyes to see all that You have given us and that we would see the opportunity in Your kingdom all around us, let us bless those as you have blessed us,…

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What’s His Will?

Good morning all! Father, we pray that as we become more aware of Your presence in our life, that we would know Your will for our lives. Give us the strength to trust You and hear Your voice, and to follow hard after thee that none would cause us to stumble, Amen. I’m sure we’ve…

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Bread of Life

Do You Hunger?

Good morning all! Father, I pray that we would hunger for more of You, more of Your word, more of Your love, more of Your kingdom. We know that all we see is temporary but You Lord are eternal, You are everlasting, You are above all we seek and desire. Let us run to You…

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